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2013 Amateur Radio Direction Finding Hunt Reports

The primary use of this page is to provide a source of the exploits of the Daytona Beach DF'ers and provide the ununiformed an explanation of the mysteries of amateur radio direction finding also know as "bunny hunting or fox hunting."  When hams use the term "bunny hunting" they are not referring to the actual going hunting for rabbits. The same terminology goes along with "fox hunting."  It is an arbitrary use of the words.

What is a "bunny or fox hunt?"

The term is used in lieu of "amateur radio direction finding or hidden transmitter hunting.  It is similar to adult level hide an seek. A designated "ham" a.k.a. the bunny or fox takes his radio transmitting equipment often referred to as a "bunny or fox box." Picks a spot unknown to the hunters who on queue start to hunt down the bunny or the fox. The bunny or fox transmits on a pre-determined radio frequency in a pre-determined time on an off sequence and the hunters by use of their hunting equipment try to find the bunny's  hole or the fox's den.

Click on the link for the report associated with that hunt:

2013.07.27 Hunt sponsored by Art & Vicky Byrnes

2013.08.17 Hunt sponsored by Glenn Karel, Richard Cooke and the "Ghost of Fred"

2013.10.26 Hunt sponsored by Bob Ledford, WA4IDI, won by Art Byrnes KA4WDK