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2015 Direction  Finding

2015 Hunt Calendar

Due to the extreme  lack of commitment of a majority of those that ignored my request for input on participation information.  I have decided to only set dates that some one commits to hunting. Three out of twelve gave me feedback for 2015. Figuring one team is the bunny that leaves two teams hunting  equals why waste every ones time when you already know who number one might be and who number two might be.

2015 Direction Finding Calendar Information

Pick any day or time of the month that you want to put on a hunt and email me the data. Upon reciept I will post it to the calendar for you. You will be responsible for posting it to the email listing, and the advertising there after.

2014 Hunt Calendar & Hunt Information

Hunt Information:

The hidden transmitter operator determines the Starting Point. 

The default starting point is in the Northern most end of the Eastern edge of the parking lot at the Volusia Mall behind the Sears Store.

The default starting time is 7 PM local time..Unless changed by the hidden transmitter operator.

The default ending time is one hour from the starting time unless changed by the hidden transmitter operator. The primary check in repeater is 147.270 unless changed by the hidden transmitter operator. The hidden transmitter operator is responsible for ensuring that his signal can be heard at the starting point a minimum of 15 minutes before starting the hunt.

2013.12.13 last edit


2014 Hunt Calendar

January: 2014.02.18

Team Karel,  Glenn Karel WB4WHN and Richard Cook, W2RAC

March: 2014.03.15

Team Byrnes,  "Art" and Vickie Byrnes, KA4WDK

May: 2014.05.17

Team Schwartz, Bill Schwartz, WS1C

July: 2014.07.19

Team Brock, Darrell Brock, N4GOA

September: 2014.09.13 (Not held)

Team Byrnes, KA4WDK

November: 2014.11.15

Team Ledford, WA4IDI, this will be a day light hunting event . This hunt was canceled due to a lack of participants