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Anne's page # 1 got to long so it was time to come up with a "page 2."

August 18th

The saga of the cataracts continues and she is getting so frustrated with the whole thing she is just about to scream her head off. The main distracter she is up against is waiting for time to heal the last implanted lens. So they can give her an eye examination and determine what her new script without the cataracts and new implanted lenses will be to correct her vision for general everyday use. Right now she needs her glasses for reading and stuff like that. But the old glasses she has on daily when combined with the uncorrected prescription in them makes her eyes do funky things. Relief is just a few days away now.

August 26th

.This week was a busy one.  First was a routine medical follow-up with her Cardiologist. everything I fine she got a pat on the head followed up with an invite to come back next year.  Then she had a follow-up with the Cataract Surgeon and she got a good report on her eyes and had an examination and has new lens on order to finish that tasking up.

Both of us donated multiple vials of blood this week and I was the only one to get a bruise mark.

August 27 through 9 September

Anne's a happy camper now. She has her new glasses and can see the dimples on a mosquito's butt at 500 feet.

10 September through 25 September

Life continues on at our house. But it is not without its little daily surprises. The other day we were at the Cadillac dealership to see the Star Co trim man where he was doing some on site work about doing a tape pin stripe job on the "Spyder" and it turned into a real fun time.

We got the "Spyder" striped on Wednesday the 21st and on Friday both of us were out in different directions and she inadvertently locked her purse in the back of the SRX. Far enough to the rear that the in car key sensor did not pickup on the fact that her smart key was in the car so when she dropped the rear gate it automatically locked itself in the Ormond Beach Wal-Mart store lot and her cell phone was? Yes you guessed it in the SRX! Thank goodness for :On-Star" they opened it remotely after a long verification process on a store phone. But in the mean time I was busy calling her cell phone to see what her problem was but you guessed right again. It was going unanswered!  We got it all squared away but it took a little time off the clock.

September 26 through October 1

This was one of those up and down weeks for Anne. She had a few appointments here and there. No one day was loaded but usually one a day was the norm. Thursday we took off for Longwood to see her sister-in-law where we had lunch out and went to a local auto dealer as she was wanting to get a new car. The dealership was "David Maus Toyota." Was it ever a surprise Janet was only planning to use them as a comparison but when the visit had come to an end she was almost hooked. She had dealt with them when they first went into business. But had great misgivings about their customer service goals so the salesman, Peter, a very personable chap, Did a very good job of mending a bad experience into a pleasurable one. Wound up, she bought the exact model, color and connivance package she was looking for a price lower then her goal price.

Anne was ecstatic to hear that evening that she had called them and had made her deal via telephone for the next morning.

8 October

Since today is one of those typical Florida "rain days" Anne is keeping active by cleaning out some of her dresser drawers. She just hit a mother lode in the old motorcycle riding gloves department. In trying them on for the first time in 16 years she is finding out that her hands have grown a little bit in both directions, longer and wider.

30 October

This has been a good month for Anne there are no new ill's, aches or pains to report on. Life has been good to us once again.

5 November:

This has been a very busy week but not medically for either of us. Anne has been driving a high school friend around that had a shoulder rotator cuff worked on surgically. All is well here.

6 November to 15 November:

This week or so has moved by swiftly with both of us suffering from sore joints and muscle aches and pains. As a great philosopher once said, "the only golden thing about getting old is your pee."

16 November to 28 December:

Things have going well with my sweetie with one minor exception, her right wrist started giving her minor fits. The hand and wrist guy said it act's like tendonitis. He gave her a shot in the wrist and that has lasted almost a month. But she gets another one this week sometime.

Week Ending 2012.01.14:

Everything the "lady" set out to do got done with no major screw ups health wise or materiel wise. Her hand or wrist problem kept a very low level of visibility this week. Thank goodness for small favors

End of Jan

This months check up gave six more months of freedom from the doctors office. Everything was clean and green.  Even the wrist is not giving her much trouble right now,


Anne and I both had physical examinations this month and we are both in good physical condition. If it were not for me having Parkinson's I would be in better physical shape then she is in.

Her big thigh muscle continues to give her a fit. It is specially aggravating when she rides with me on the Spyder. Something to do with the way she gets on. I have tried watching her method and motions while mounting and dismounting but I don't see anything that she is doing that could be wrong.

May 25th 2012:

Things were rocking right along then they sort of an of ran off the road. Anne started having pains in the upper thigh muscles. Well they turned out to be fixable with a shot of muscle grease. Then she started growing this strange thing on her left shoulder so she had it looked at and it looked strange so he dermatologist cut it off. Sent it to the laboratory of further examination and it turns out to be one of those darn Squamish cell creatures. It now means that she has to go back for further cutting to make sure they get it all.

Just last week we both attended the funeral of the spouse of one my former officers in the National Guard. She developed a Squamish cell that got away from them and turned into a melanoma that got into the bone structure of her body and wound up killing her in less then a year.

Anne keeps telling me that she  is getting closer to trying out becoming a Spyder Driver so we will see where this goes and how soon she takes the hook.