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Anne's News Page Three


1 November 2016

For the past two plus years we have been trying to find the cause of her legs giving out on her during daily activities.  I think our Neurologist, Dr James Scott ran a whole series of negative result tests on her nerve functions etc.  We went to Shand's Teaching Hospital in Gainesville three different times with negative results.  We tried to get into the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville twice.

During our most recent office visitation the three of us were talking and I made some observations on what I knew to be changes in Anne's physical being.  It must have triggered Dr Scott's memory banks as he directed her to walk the long hallway in their office.  Here he saw the three changes I had outlined in action.  One change was her short term memory is shot, Two was her walk had changed.  Three was she complained of being extremely tired from the short walk of just under one hundred feet round trip.

His diagnose was what the  "normal pressure hydro encephalitis."

to be continued

March 03 2013

Anne's last check up and battery of X-Rays and MRI's turned all to be for nothing as nothing was found out of whack. Which is a good thing. She is now on a schedule of yearly for most of them now instead of every six months.


August 16 2012

Another good health maintenance report was issued by her Medical, Cancer and Urology Doctors this past week. Now if we could just make her bones get on and off the Spyder without causing her discomfort after the first get on I would be a happy camper for sure.

October 02 2012

She had a visit with the eye doctor today. Her script change was so minor that she does not need new lenses this year.

January 2013.01.13

Good news to report.  Anne has gone a year now with check-ups every six month.  This last check-up was another winner.  She is clean and green on the status boards.  Does not to do them again for a whole year this next time around.  She was a little sore from al the poking, probing, mashing and mushing as she calls it.

This morning she said "I think I may want to start to learn how to drive the Spyder!."!  Today? OK by me!

July 02 2013 Anne's Dental Implants

Back in February the two of us decided to attend a "dental implant seminar at Brown and Chimielarski conducted by a very bright young Dentist by the name of Andrew M. Nawrocki, D.M.D., M.S. We were impressed and brought all the literature home to study it without any pressure or influences.

We decided after much debate and thought on the matter and made an appointment for further discussion. We did the preliminary screenings and found out we both were good candidates for implants.

Now these are not individual teeth implants . They are denture anchor implants for our lower denture platforms. This was "step 1" of a multi-step procedure.

Step two was the actual drilling and putting the implant anchors in place. This was nota totally painless procedure. But it was not agonizing either. Once they were in place and the area was stitched up we left for a month of healing this was the start of it becoming reality.

Step three was uncovering the implanted anchors and the installation of a device called a healing cover. Basically a little soreness and that was all. This had to wait a week or so for the healing covers to more or less bond themselves to the gum line.

Step four was opening up the covers and inserting the anchor pins and then drilling the new denture to accommodate the anchoring devices. While almost painless there was some pressure to put up with but the good part was it was almost over with.

Step five was the final fitting procedures and learning how to locate the pins and receptacles together and the anchoring process. Anne had a good teacher and no problems getting hers in and out.