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I own a small  business, why do I need a web site?

The best answer is "advertising!"  With so many people now relying on the "smart phone" advertising on the web is a good deal when you compare it to the cost of Yellow Pages (YP), Newspaper or Billboards. Using modern day search engine techniques makes it is so easy for "Joe or Josephine Plumber" to locate you in comparison to using the before mentioned advertising sources.  Plus have you seriously tried to use the YP lately? As a consumer looking for a business I hate the constant flipping pages looking for a business in the YP.  You never know if it is going to be under one category or another in a multi-facet business.

My business profits $$ are down from past years. What can I do to make it increase yet keep the cost of advertising lower

Simple answer is "make it simpler" or go with a low overhead web service provider. I try very hard to make all my sites easy keepers  What makes it an "easy keeper?" Simplicity works better then resource hogging animations and slow loading graphics. Another way that works is have the original site constructed then you maintain the contents and use the services of the site builder as you need it. I will do this for you if you so desire.

Why would you want to use "Bob's Web Design?"

What makes a good design?


I have been building, rebuilding or modifying sites for over 10 years.

Websites Built:

HQ and HQ Detachment, 202nd Medical Group .This web was started to find missing members of my deactivated Florida Army National Guard unit. It now serves to keeping unit members up to date on other members, veterans, items of interest and my ego.

MOBAT-USA, a commercial radio manufacturer. I redesigned this site in 2001 and maintain this site, its product line graphics and brochures. Modifications have all been accomplished in a less then 24 hour between the time the change order arrived to posting it on the web for use.  A feat that the previous corporate in house designer and maintainer was not able to sustain.

RATS Inc.  A locally woman operated computer repair, upgrade, sales, virus & malware removal, networking and personal training company. Johann Haas had an out of date site that required a tweaking.

mailboxstuffers.com This is a new venture for me. Jon R. Miller, Artist, of Port Orange, FL called me on the telephone saying I had been referred to him by another person. He has a concept idea and needed a web site as soon as possible. Mr. Miller and I talked on the telephone and via email for a couple of days about what he wanted and I said "Never built one like you want but I can do it."So the two of us went to work and produced what you see on the web today.

Web Maintenance:

The art of keeping the media fresh, links up to date and entertaining or enlightening.  A change of color schemes, fonts, updating hyperlinks, getting rid of old or out of date files, setting up or changing email addresses to stop web bots from harvesting your email address for some spammer to inundate you with more spam.  If you want to make your site work  better then what it is now. Give me a telephone call at (386) 615-1305 or bob(@)wa4idi (dot)org. Lets talk about what you want.

Elements of Good Web Design:

The best sites today subscribe to the "KISS" principle. What is KISS? Simply put it means Keep It Simply Simple. Keep your content simple to read and find, maximize your linking, and minimize the "golly gee whiz stuff." Your web site has to be written at a reading level that you readers or market level can understand

How To Get In Touch:

I am easily reached at (386) 615-1305 between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM Eastern Time.