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Technician Class

It was coming close to the end of my Novice Class license active period (1960) and I was trying to pass the General Class license exam and I blew the code test by one (1) word per minute (WPM) so I had to settle for the lesser grade license of Technician Class in order to stay active. So I did finish the examination and passed.  So it was not a wasted trip to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) offices in Chicago, IL.

VHF Challenges

Being a licensed Technician ham is no disgrace by any meaning. In fact, I found most Tech's were more technically orientated then the General Class hams.  Being a budding teenager now, with his own car and a job that made car payments and gas money I had to have a mobile radio setup.  So I let the Rock Island (IL) County Civil Defense and RACES Officer talk me into joining forces with them.  Actually it was a pretty cool gig.  The County had just built a new CD radio facility fairly close to home and stocked it with a first class E. F. Johnson radio equipment for HF and Gonset Radios for VHF.  Plus they had an abundance of the famous Gonset yellow  CD Communicator transceivers to loan out to the membership.  What a windfall for a newly licensed Tech!