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Volusia Spyder Ryder's

The web page pertaining to the Volusia Spyder Ryder's.  Just a bunch of folks that are in love the BRP Can-Am Roadster motorcycles.  The best requirement is that you have a Spyder to ride.  Other brands are welcome too!  The main thing is to get out and ride.  Enjoy the feeling of being out in "Mother Natures Backyard."

Volusia Spyder Ryder's The history of the Volusia Spyder Ryder's

The Volusia Spyder Ryder Information  Organizational news on what is happening within the riding group

Volusia Spyder Ryder's News  Page for ideas, rides, member's and things of interest.  Mail your contributions to bob[@]wa4idi[REMOVE "()" Before sending].org  I get to much spam and the" [   ]" are my of trying to stop it.

Volusia Spyder Ryder's Meetup Group DISCONTINUED 07 MAY 2016) Information and link to the Volusia Spyder Ryder's Meetup group

Volusia Spyder Ryder's on Spyderlovers forum  Link to the Volusia Spyder Ryder's on the Spyderlovers Forum

Bob's Can-Am Roadster Touring Limited (RTL)2011 Spyder

The Story Behind the Purchase of our new Can-Am Spyder RT-Limited.

The Continuing Development on the Spyder.

My photos of our Spyder and some of its components