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The Spyder Story It all started with a simple "Let's stop at, Daytona Fun Machines."

Guess it was sixteen years ago when I took my last motorcycle, a 1988 Honda Gold-Wing with 88, 000 miles on it, for the last ride. Delivery to its new owner. We were living in Jacksonville at the time and I was working in St. Augustine in a new duty position.

It was a combination of things that brought this dramatic life style change about for me.

Anne had been seeing television ads for Can-Am Snyder's on television and wanted to look at one in person. So one Friday after we had finished a luncheon with a group of ham/motorcycle friends she suggested that we stop by the Daytona Fun Machines showroom and look at one. I said, "OK if we must then lets do it and get it over with."

We got to talking with the owner's wife "Chrissie" and "Jim," a salesman,  I was really impressed with the machine and its vast amount of capabilities that would allow me to resume riding again.

Jim Mitchell, was designated as our salesman for setting up and executing my scheduled demonstration ride on Saturday, July 30th. When I arrived with Anne in tow, he had the rider responsibility paper work ready for signature and got me a helmet that fit. Then we did a walk around while he pointed out everything that I should be aware of that was different from riding a Gold Wing, etc.

Then we opened the sale area outside doors and he backed the demo machine outside where we went over the controls one more time and demonstrated how each one would work. When this was done I tossed a leg over the seat and went through the controls and sequences one more time. Finally I unlocked the "parking brake" and hit the up shift paddle for 1st gear and started to move under my own control. Successfully completing two laps around the parking lot I felt secure enough to take on the streets of Daytona Beach and Holly Hill.

Half way through my ride I pulled off the traffic pattern into a shady spot and called Anne on the cell phone. Told her where I had been and where I was going next and that I was having more fun then a barrel of monkeys at play. Arriving back at Daytona Fun Machines sales area I pulled the demo machine up to the door and parked it then we moved it indoors and the final decision process started between Anne and I, it was unanimous "go for it!" Several hours later the pre-delivery work was done on our new machine and we ran through the operating techniques one more time and I rode it home.

Awesome Front End:

spyder frontend viewYou have to admit that this is one awesome looking machine from the front end view.  Excuse the mess in the background as I was sitting on my butt in the drive way looking into the garage when I saw the picture form up in my  brain.  The overall lines of the Spyder RT are really awesome to say the least.  I will probably get some tickets just sitting still as it turns heads where ever it goes.

I just wish it were fall or cooler where I could ride it more but these 90+ degree temperatures and 90 percent humidity factors into some mighty miserable days of summer.