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Going to close the riding group:


I will be closing the Volusia Spyder Ryder's organization down soon. Trying for November 1 2016.   My main reason is my physical well being has turned the corner from good it not so good.  My Parkinson's has progressed to a stage that is limiting my abilities to move and function like I used too.  I know I can't make it regress but I am sure going to try to stop it.  Additionally Anne's health has regressed also.  But her health problem is a fixable one now that we know what the cause is. 

the latest diagnosis turned out to be "normal pressure - hydro encephalitis." That translates to "she has excess "water on the brain."  Dr. Scott was watching her walk down the hallway at Neurology Associates treatment Center.  During her latest office visit and I mentioned she was having short term memory problems, walked funny, and was napping more then her usual amount.  A second opinion with a Neurosurgeon confirmed it  and provided a fix it plan.

If anyone wants to take my place in the Volusia Spyder Ryder's group? I will give your what ever support I can render.  Just feel free to ask, call or come by the house.

11.15.2016  Update:

Tp put it simply "I have been diagnosed as having an advanced case of lung cancer.  Just as soon as the weather turns cool I get cancer to interfere with my intentions of doing some serious riding.