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Spyder Photos:

Start Up Screen:

Startup screenThis is the first screen shot of what a "Spyder Ryder" has to see when the ignition switch is first turned on. Then it is followed by other screens as the on board computing system goes through its start up or boot up phases. This is one of the minor irritations that you have to put up with. My work around for this delay which takes about 45 to 60 seconds is to initiate it before I either mount up or gear up (put on the helmet, sunglasses and gloves}.                                              

Run Screen:

Run ScreenWhen the on board computer system has finally made up its mind that you can successfully initiate the ignition phase of start-up, this is the screen that you get when it has checked the weather, NASA, and with your significant other half and ascertained that you indeed have permission to go for a ride.

Controls, GPS & Switches:

Spyder Center Control PanelThis photo shows some of the Spyder Flight Commander's controls. Top center is the main ignition switch which is a multi-function switch.  It controls ignition sequences, security and allows you to raise the seat to gain access to the fuel tank filler, and other engine items. If you are looking for the "tool kit" you will find it stashed on the underside of the seat that raises up. I looked all over the machine for it but never popped into my brain to look up under the seat platform. Be sure to take at least one to two Diazepam (Valium) tablets before attempting to put it back.

The black rubber cover is where the Garmin Zumo GPS mounts. You remove the cover and underneath is al the built in contacts and self locking device to hold this excellent quality GPS.  Be sure and not leave it unattended when you stop.  It only takes 5 seconds to release it and walk away with it.

Beneath the GPS mounting you see a row of back lighted rocker switches.  Here is where you have various controls. The Parking Brake. This has to be engaged before shutting the systems down or you get this god awfully beeper when you turn the ignition switch off or try to remove the key. The front cargo compartment electronic latch is located here. The rear electronically controlled ride load shock switch for hard or heavy versus soft or light ride to the rear tire air shock. Also the switch to control the factory installed fog lamps.

After Having Reflective Pin Striping done:

Front End View:

reflective tape frontI had decided that while the Spyder was a machine of beauty in its own realm it needed to be my Spyder.  So I elected after much researching on the internet my brain decided on black reflective tape.  Anne decided that we needed to enlist the aid of John our automotive pin striper (6 vehicles) should do it as he had what we thought we wanted.  The three of us spent over two hours on striping day trying this and that look before deciding simple is better.  An I knew that all along just took some time to realize your first impression is best.

After much internet research I was convinced that all reflective pin striping tape with he primary daylight color of black would have been white in color when reflecting light. Wrong this tape reflects a gold color. Oh well! Sometimes you're right and the rest of the time you're wrong! You learn by doing so next time I will ask.

R F Fender top looking down:

rf-top-down-viewThis is a top looking down view of the right front fender.  The tape is actually in a concave fender groove.



Rear and Left Side View:

left side and rear viewThis shot was taken in the shade from the rear showing off the left side tape patterns. If you look at the left front fender you will notice the reflective color of the tape is gold. There is another stripe between the seat top edge flowing to the front along that upper panel edge and the drivers storage compartment. Then between the upper panel and the lower panel flowing to the rear along the bottom edge of the seat.

The Rear Panel Modification:

before paintinig viewHere are  two photos of the rear section. The upper most photo is the before photo showing how the tail section just makes massive view of the size of the whole rear section just disappear. It is one of those optical illusion things.  But when dealing with the automotive driving public you don't want to appear small or disappear in my opinion. You have to forgive the appearance of clutter in the background as this photo was taken in the garage and the only one that I have as a before shot.

The rear panel painting modification has been done. Truthfully it came out better then we were told it  would.

modified rear panelThe original plan was to paint the panel and accept the slight wrinkle finish surface. However, the painter outdid himself and was able to attain a fully glossy surface. This photo was taken inside our garage in the dark of night with the garage door down. The door up photo taken during daylight hours was to lousy to use so until I can make a better one this one will work.