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Guess you are wondering what I am trying to do? Quite simple. I like to ride despite the fact that I had to stop riding a long time ago, then I got my first Can-AM Spyder. After several months of banging around the streets of metro Daytona Beach it became very apparent I was seeing Spyders around but always alone never in packs. Until one Saturday when I was out alone and coming back from Riverdale where I had gone visiting a fellow ham radio hobbyist I saw a three pack group of Spyder Ryder's heading towards CR-13 an SR-207.

My concept of how this should work is pretty simple I think to start with. My personal web site will be used to provide a starting place for everyone to gather information.

Spyder Lovers dot com

We have a second group now on line. It is primarily located at www.spyderlovers.com under Spyder Ryder's Groups as "The Volusia Spyder Ryder's" at  http://www.spyderlovers.com/forums/group.php?groupid=56

Dealers & Repair Shops Are Welcome to Join Us

Motorcycle dealers and repair shops are invited to join us also as they are where the potential members will come from.

Downloadable Information

Volusia Spyder Ryder's  A PDF on what Volusia Spyder Ryder's is all about and how to join