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Volusia Spyder Ryder

The original "Volusia Spyder Ryder's" Meetup Group was founded on June 30, 2012 by Bruce Williams of Port Orange FL. Bruce did not mind funding the meetup group but since he was going to be gone for the summer months he wanted someone to be the local organizer to run the show. He decided since the original idea to start a riding group was mine, it should be me. So I became the "Sub-Organizer." Things moved along slowly at first. But growth was slow at first, like you would expect. But it did come.

Charter Members:

The charter members were Bruce Williams, Bob Ledford Jim Lemkow and Jill Lewis. The next senior member is Ron Hewitt September 1, 2012.  That was the total growth in 2012. 

Changes to "Organizational" Structure:

March 2013 brought another "organizational change" to the group.  Bruce was getting heavily involved in his business ventures and needed more time to devote to them.  One Friday meetup he asked if would mind taking over as "the Organizer?"  My response was simple "make it happen!  .Now I am the "Organizer." Which means I am looking for a volunteer to help out to make it grow.  Send me a e-mail if you want to help  "bob(@)wa4idi.org () Remove before sending.

Help Wanted:

Looking for an individual that loves to plan and execute rides.   I have determined that I am not quite suited for this task I have been a "lone ranger rider" for to long.   Any one that wants to take on this task will have my full support.  It has taken me a while to recognize this is one of my shortcomings.  I am asking for help.

Our Riding Habits:

For some reason and I can only guess at this point. We don't ride much in the summer time. We seem to do more riding in the fall, winter, and spring time. Chief reason that I can think of is the it gets quite hot and humid in Florida.  Most of our riders are in the "retired" time in their lives and from out of state.  So they spend their summers visiting the kids,  grand children or in their suuMMERS IN the cooler climaeses

Main Goal of creating the Volusia Spyder Ryder Group:

My main goal was to provide a means of communicating with  fellow Spyder Ryder's with in the confines of Volusia County. So that those individuals riding alone could meet others,  become friends and co-riders. Some of us have physical problems that make it hard for us to ride long distances, in hot weather and feel that it limits my own mobility.  I enjoy people and riding my Spyder. So  come ride with us.