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WA4IHV - My Dad's Last Call Sign

Dad had the bug now so he got his Novice license and I had my General we began to share the radio setup. Then we relocated from K9 land back to W4 land, Daytona Beach, FL. Now much to Mom’s chagrin she really did lose what little free space she had in her living room. The radio station got put into a bookshelf in the living room and the desk top space came from two sources. It was either a lapboard or a portable typewriter table and this setup lasted for a year and then Dad got his Conditional Class license.

After I had turned General Class and Dad had procured his Conditional License and the call sign of WA4IHV and prior to my getting married.  Dad and I shared the same radio station setup.  We worked it out pretty smoothly, I used it in the mornings and he kept it hot in the evenings while I was out chasing girls and putting miles on my motorcycle of the month.

 I finally found that one that I could not get away from and we got married.  Then it was time for me to give up the joint station and put my own on the air which I did.  We, Carol and I, started our married life just a city block apart from my Mom and Dad's homestead.  So it was an easy walk to their house for tools and parts to put it all together.  Mom and Dad had set a visiting policy in place while Carol and I were establishing our first homestead.  It was quite simply, you're welcome to come by at any time but don't expect us unless you invite us to come.  That policy worked extremely well for us newly weds.